Born in Montreal in 1970, Daniel Goodwin grew up in a literary and artistic household. After a youth writing poetry, he earned a BA in Political Science from McGill followed by an MA in English Literature at Concordia and a BEd from the University of New Brunswick. In his mid-twenties he ran away to the East Coast to join an oil company, working as a journalist and teacher along the way.

While building a career as a communications and government relations executive in the energy industry, Daniel continued to write poems and submit them to literary magazines, publishing in Literary Review of Canada, The New Brunswick Reader, The Dalhousie Review, The Antigonish Review, and CV2. He has also written opinion pieces and essays for The Globe and Mail, Telegraph-Journal, Calgary Herald, Hill Times, and iPolitics.

His first novel, Sons and Fathers, is about politics, journalism, and spin, with a bit of poetry thrown in (Linda Leith Publishing, 2014). His first volume of poems, Catullus’ Soldiers, will be published by Cormorant in spring 2015.

He lives in Calgary with his wife Kara and their three children.


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